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Uniform 300 is a photographic project coinciding with San Antonio’s Tricentennial Celebration in 2018. In Uniform 300, photographer Rahm Carrington and curator/producer Alice Carrington Foultz will collaborate to depict the diversity of San Antonians following the 6 pillars of the Tricentennial: Religion, Military, History & Education, Arts & Culture, World Heritage and Community Service. The Project will ultimately feature 300 portraits of San Antonio citizens representing all neighborhoods, passions, jobs and walks of life.

In this rapidly growing world of free-flowing information, we are seeing a homogenization of culture. One can travel across the world and see the same fashions, trends and iconography. The “flattening” of the world has had many benefits, but it is contributing to this homogenization. Today, we see people turning back to their roots to find their own unique identity. We wear our “uniform” with pride, as a way to let others know who we are, where we came from, what we do, who we love and what we stand for. In this melting pot of culture it is a way to identify oneself. […]

In Uniform 300, Rahm and Alice explore the idea of a personal uniform. In some cases, this may be a Padre, Soldier or Charro wearing a prescribed uniform. In other cases we may photograph a Spurs super-fan, or a bakery owner, whereby their uniform is the clothes they wear and the image they portray. Furthermore, there is uniformity in the format of each one of these portraits, so that when the 300 photographs are gathered together, there is a distinct diversity in each of the subjects, but a uniformity in the collection and depiction.

Throughout the next year we will capture these portraits from a studio in downtown San Antonio. These portraits will be shot on medium format 120 mm film. We will use a combination of word-of-mouth, social media, call to public and traditional advertising (Express News for ex.) to reach the San Antonio public. Our studio has a large map of the city of San Antonio, and upon the completion of each portrait we ask our subject to place a pin in the map that represents where they live. In doing so, we see our representation of the city grow, thus leaving no neighborhood underrepresented. By the end of the project, the map itself will become an integral part of the show.

Our ultimate intention with Uniform 300 is to show 50 select portraits from the project in city venues during Fall of 2018 first at the San Antonio Light Printing Facility, and then at 5 San Antonio Public Library locations in September 2018. We would like to achieve a cultural cross-pollination, showing portraits representing the South Side up North and vice versa. We intend to print up to 50 life sized portraits for this exhibition. Finally, we intend to publish a book of all 300 portraits in several languages, so that it may be sent to our sister cities around the globe.


Alice Carrington Foultz

Alice Carrington Foultz has over thirty years experience in the art world. Having served on local, state and national art boards, including the Texas Commission for the Arts, The President’s Committee for the Arts and Humanities, The Public Art Board of San Antonio and the White House Historical Association. Alice’s range of work has included curatorial work, art education, a radio talk show […]

and the assembly of numerous private and public art collections. Recent accomplishments include overseeing a guaranteed percentage for public art in San Antonio as Chairman of the Public Art Board. She served as curator for San Antonio Spurs Sports and Entertainment from 2001 to 2017 where she helped assemble a “vision statement” for the organization and curated a 200 piece site specific collection.

In addition to working with private collectors throughout the US, Alice has helped develop collections for Jackson Walker, Akin Gump & The Kronkosky Foundation.

Alice’s museum affiliations include the San Antonio Museum of Art, Artpace, The McNay Art Museum and the Contemporary in Austin. Currently she serves as Vice Chair of the Public Art Board concentrating her efforts on building a strong public art collection for the city. Most recently Alice served as curator of the art collection in the Cellars apartment complex at the iconic Cellars at Pearl in San Antonio.


Rahm Carrington

Rahm Carrington’s photographs merge street, travel & lifestyle photography. Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Carrington is a self-taught photographer that found his way to his first camera through live music videography with the Austin-based concert film production company TourGigs, but his true passion emerged when his brother gave him their father’s 1970’s Canon TL. […]

Within a year, Rahm inherited his Uncle’s Nikon FM and Grandfather’s Leica M3 and has a growing collection of analog cameras. In the age of digital photography and computerized manipulation, Carrington’s methods remain pure, staying true to the time-honored traditions of photography.Carrington’s work is part of numerous private collections across the country as well as the Kleberg Bank and King Ranch collections. He was recently selected to be an official partner of San Antonio’s Tricentennial in 2018 with a photographic portrait project entitled Uniform 300.


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The Uniform 300 Studio is located at Travis Park Plaza downtown at 711 Navarro St [Google Map]. There is free 30 minute parking available in the surface lot that is to the west of the Travis Park Plaza.

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